Contracts are the backbone of the business, and clear, concise documents not only protect the parties to an agreement, but they also help facilitate new business. As we began working with government contracts, Marsha quickly and effectively reworked our personnel and B2B contracts, while answering our questions along the way. Her responsiveness could not have been better. I felt she was part of our team and that our success was also her success. I had an extremely positive experience with Marsha Mignott at The Mignott Law Group, LLC. She was extremely professional, knowledgeable, patient, and informative. I would highly recommend The Mignott Law Group to anyone in need of legal services.



I hired The Mignott Law Group for my case and could not have asked for better representation. Ms. Mignott constantly took the extra effort in my case by keeping conversations open and honest. She never provided any false sense of hope. Comes through in the end … very knowledgeable and will get the job done. Will tell you like it is … great great lawyer. I highly recommend The Mignott Law Group to anyone seeking legal help.


Mrs. Mignott is dependable, precise, and well known throughout the court system of Georgia.

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